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What dishes can I cook SALTernative with??

SALTernative can be used as an alternative to salt in any home cooking dish.

Can I use SALTernative as a table condiment??

SALTernative Himalayan Salt & Kombu can be used as a like-for-like salt substitute, which can therefore be used as a condiment.

How can I trust your product is safe??

SALTernative is tested in UK food laboratories, that are UKAS tested to ensure the safety of our products.

I have hyperthyroidism, am I allowed your product??

SALTernative is comprised of natural kombu seaweed, which is naturally high in iodine. It is therefore not suitable for patients with hyperthyroidism, if you want to seek further advice please visit your GP.

How much SALTernative should I use when cooking??

This is solely dependent on product and personal choice. If you don’t use a lot of salt in your everyday cooking, then we would advise for every 1 spoon of salt, use 1 spoon of SALTernative Kombu. Although if you do tend to use salt more, then we would advise for every 1 spoon of salt, use 2 spoons of SALTernative Kombu.

Can I use SALTernative and still use salt??

This is dependent on the product you decide to purchase.

If you are using SALTernative Kombu Seaweed, we find some consumers who have high salt diets may still use a small amount of salt in their cooking and make up the rest with SALTernative Kombu. For example, if a consumer was to cook using 4 spoons of salt, they would now use 1 spoon of salt and 3 spoons of SALTernative.

From our feedback of consumers who purchase SALTernative Himalayan Salt and Kombu, they find the salt content sufficient and therefore do not require any further salt.

If you have any further questions not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us at mail@salternativeseaweed.com