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SALTernative launches in Holland and Barret UK and Ireland Stores

September 2017 will see the launch of SALTernative in more than 370 Holland and Barrett stores across the UK, Ireland and on the Holland and Barrett website.

Birmingham based SALTernative will have its Kombu Seaweed tins available in all major cities and towns across both UK and Ireland for the first time.

Andrew Vanezis, Operations Director at SALTernative said.
“As the largest health food chain in UK, having our products in Holland and Barrett, is an exciting new venture for us and will allow us to engage with more customers who are looking for an alternative to salt. A platform in Holland and Barrett is fundamentally important in making sure customers across UK and Ireland have easy access to our product.”

A recent article which appeared in ‘The Times’ newspaper outlined the risk of consuming too much salt, and the study they referred to suggested that salt doubles risk of heart failure and the UK population is eating too much of it. (Source: The Times August 2017)

Nitesh Mall, Managing Director at SALTernative said.
“Salt is often considered the ‘hidden killer’, as it is often overlooked. Eating too much of it results in an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. When we began this company last year, our aim was to help reduce the UK’s population salt intake, which we feel this product can offer. Having the product available in all major areas across the UK allows the consumer to have easier access to it- We are all very pleased.”

SALTernative consists of dried Kombu seaweed flakes, which has a similar taste to salt, with 92% less sodium. To help reduce your salt intake, add SALTernative into your meal rather than salt, whilst cooking. As a guide, use twice as much SALTernative as you would salt. If you have a high salt diet try replacing half of your salt intake with SALTernative. Even this small step will still help you lower your salt intake.

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